5 Ways To Create Fantastic Business Flyers

06th December, 2019

Business flyers are a tried and true method of communicating your company message, event or product to your potential customers. There are such a range of approaches that your company can choose from when designing business flyers and there are some important things to consider during both the design and flyer printing process.


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5 Simple Tips For Creating Attention-Grabbing Posters

30th November, 2019

Posters are a fantastic way to get a message across to an audience at a glance. However, just putting a message down on is not enough to make it effective. A good poster needs to stand out, grab your audience’s attention and communicate your message all in one glance.


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The Commercial Printing Services You Haven’t Considered For Marketing

27th November, 2019

As far as marketing goes, most businesses have considered, or even made an attempt, at using printing services to further their business opportunities into the future. Whether that has been via business cards, posters or flyers, business owners and marketing managers have almost always taken the time to assess how printing services might help their business to seek more leads and get more customers.


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Why Australian Restaurants Need Online Printing They Can Trust

25th November, 2019

Restaurants in Brisbane, Sydney and Melbourne are operating in some of the most challenging and exciting times for hospitality businesses. With social media, there are more opportunities than ever before to achieve success in the restaurant business, but there’s also increasing competition in the market.


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Why You Need More Than Business Cards

22nd November, 2019

Every day more and more businesses realise just how important it is to undertake business card printing, and most of them start looking for printing services, often ending up with an online printing provider. As one of the leading names in online printing in Australia, the team at Quick Prints wants to congratulate you for taking the plunge and starting to look for business cards online. Business card printing is a fantastic first step for any business in the world of printed marketing, but it shouldn’t be the last step.


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Tips To Save Money if You Want To Print Your Posters Online

21st November, 2019

A lot has changed since the first posters were printed over 200 years ago, and since the perfection of colour printing, posters in all its forms have become a norm of everyday life.


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A Six Simple Six-Step Process to Designing Amazing Business Flyers

14th November, 2019

It could be anything from advertisements, announcements to invitations that come in different sizes and shapes. They are a blank canvas waiting for a creative stroke of genius and purpose. Business flyers can be seen as the “Swiss army knife” design.


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Four Essential Envelope Printing Options You Ought To Be Aware Of

30th October, 2019

Professionally printed envelopes offer lustre to your corporate correspondence. They ass colour personality and in most cases, life to your envelopes unmatched by desktop printers.


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Things To You Need To Know When Choosing Your Card Printer

23rd October, 2019

It is astonishing how the rapid advancement of technology has transformed our lives and businesses into the digitalised paper-free environment. However, nothing can ever substitute a classic print-out.


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Which Business Cards Really Capture Customer Attention?

7th October, 2019

Business cards, particularly premium business cards, are a big market these days. While you may feel business cards are no longer a relevant part of modern networking, they actually serve an important purpose in the highly powerful and effective face-to-face marketing you do every day. So how do you go about getting business cards that really capture your customer’s attention? Well, it’s as simple as following these two golden business card rules.


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How to get attention with brochure printing for your business

1st October, 2019

Brochure printing may seem like an advertising approach from a bygone era, but there are still a great number of opportunities available for those businesses willing to use brochure printing when it comes to getting attention. With the best brochure printing on their side, businesses can truly draw more eyes to their business, and grow their customer base and profits exponentially.


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How To Grow Your Business With Printed Flyers

25th September, 2019

Printed flyers are probably among the most recognised forms of advertising for businesses, and while they’re far from being the oldest method of advertising, many people believe that flyers, whether they’re DL flyers or otherwise, are outdated and best left in the past.


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Best Printing Services In Australia

24th September, 2019

Printing services have come a long way in Australia, and competition is fiercer than ever for the title of best printing services Australia wide. With so many printing services vying to offer the best to customers, this is a great time to be a business in the market for printing services.


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Online Printing: The Easiest Way To Get Business Printing Done

23rd September, 2019

The modern company is no stranger to business printing. Regardless of your industry, at some point it’s almost certain that you’ll need some kind of business printing, which means you’ll need to engage a printing company to get your business cards, flyers, promotional material and more. If you’re still using traditional business printing instead of online printing, now is the time to ask why.


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6 Ways To Create Quality Business Cards

20th September, 2019

Business cards have been around a long time, but that doesn’t mean it’s necessarily easy to create a business card that really works for your business. On the contrary, because business cards are so ubiquitous and easily available, it can be quite difficult to get premium business cards that do a great job in advertising and sharing the word about your business.


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Getting The Best Out Of Your Brochure!

19th September, 2019

While the digital revolution has made marketing more manageable, it has also led to traditional marketing methods being forgotten. The methods that are vanishing include pamphlets and brochure printing. Not only are they being resigned to the halls of history but are also seen as ineffective. However, conventional marketing techniques to promote products and services still have an essential role to play as promotional material and are invaluable, offering a bevy of benefits.


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Save Money and Choose Self Cover For Your Next Book

12th September, 2019

Are you looking for a self cover book printing service provider near you? One that will be affordable and print according to your specifications? If that is the case, then finding the most suited printing service provider can be difficult but not impossible. Self cover means that the book’s cover will have the same paper that is used for the interior pages.


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Five Useful Envelope Printing Tips

29th August, 2019

In a world that has been digitally transformed, emails have become the standard go-to method of communication. However, nothing speaks authenticity nor can anything replace sending a good old-fashioned letter.


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Top Tips For Effective Letterhead Printing

22nd August, 2019

The trust between your business and your customers or potential customers is a crucial element that plays a significant role as to whether or not you make a sale. Nowadays, a majority of business is conducted via email or online but one aspect that has not changed is that letterheads play a significant role in business and are still widely used.


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Getting Professional with Your Business Cards

31 July, 2019

Whether you’re meeting clients, at a trade show, or simply talking to folks on the street, a business card can be an amazing way to market yourself. But as we know, first impressions can last a long time. If you’re handing out business cards, you want them to make an immediate and lasting impact.


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Five Important Questions About Custom Postcard Printing

29 July, 2019

When it comes to postcards, the first thought that probably comes to everyone's mind is a simple flat card that is not the most elaborate piece of printing and containing some brief information.


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Five Essential Designer Suggestions For Poster Printing

26 July, 2019

So you have put in a lot of hard work to design you perfect poster. You have wrecked your brain to the wee hours of the morning, ensuring each colour is an ideal match to the main art element, so it stands out from a myriad of mediocre posters.


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Create Your Business Stock with Online Printing

24 July, 2019

When you’re in business, there’s every chance you need books, brochures, flyers or posters. Nobody has time to go to a brick and mortar printing service when you can use online printing services. You also probably need business cards, promotional material and stationery.


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Creating a Business Card and When to Hand Them Out

22 July, 2019

You won’t find many professionals who don’t have a business card. There’s a reason for that: They work. They’re a great way to gain respect, show people you’re serious about what you do and generate business credibility. But it’s also about future promotion.


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The Best Type of Flyer Printing for Your Business

17 July, 2019

No matter what your business, flyers are always a great promotional tool. You can use flyers to promote your business in general, but they have plenty of other uses too. Since flyers are reasonably cost effective, you can create them for particular products, events, sales or specific brands you sell.


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The Printing Services You Will Need in Business

10 July, 2019

So, you’ve got a business idea. You’ve done all the financial projections, you’ve dotted all your i’s and crossed all your t’s. You’re ready to go, but there’s one very important aspect you may not have planned.


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Choosing Promotional Products for Your Business

03 July, 2019

Everybody has seen promotional products handed out at conferences and trade shows. Pens, balloons and all manner of things that get lost and discarded quickly. It doesn’t matter if you’re in Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane or anywhere else in the world – promotional products should stay with your customers long term.


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Advertising Your Business On A Budget

25 June, 2019

Are you a business owner looking for affordable yet quality methods to advertise your company? There are plenty of advertising options, but their effectiveness depends on the kind of audience you are trying to reach, where they are, and the size of the audience. You can always use flyers from service providers that offer cheap flyer printing in Melbourne, Sydney and Brisbane. Besides flyers, which are cost-effective and reach the audience you have targeted and more.


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How To Make Your Business Card Stand Out

18 June, 2019

A business card is more often than not the first contact that a client will have with your company. The goal of a business card is to get the potential client to find out more about your company what it does and what your role is within it. If you want a client to keep the card and contact you, there are plenty of methods to ensure it happens. A business card that is well designed yet simple and easy to read and understand is perfect.


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The 4 Golden Rules to Avoid Flyer Printing Hitting the Bin

11 June, 2019

Businesses use flyers to promote a whole range of things. It could be a new product line, an upcoming event, or a big sale. It’s not just businesses that need flyer printing though. Sports clubs, performing artists – the list is endless. So, with so many people distributing flyers, how do you make yours stand out above the rest? Here’s the 4 golden rules to make sure your flyers don’t end up in the bin.


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5 Tips For Making Sure Your Fridge Magnets Stay Permanently On Other People’s Fridges

04 June, 2019

Fridge magnets are a terrific way of keeping your business on people’s minds every day. Since we usually visit the fridge several times a day, magnets serve as a constant reminder of your services. Plus, almost all households have at least a couple of magnets on their fridge, so the marketing.


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Why Cheap Business Cards Can Hurt Your Business

28 May, 2019

Considering grabbing some of those cheap business cards you saw advertised on social media? Great, professional business cards at almost no cost – it sounds too good to be true! Well, probably in most cases, it is. Read on to find out why cheap business cards can do more harm than good for your business.


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Avoid These Common Brochure Printing Mistakes

23 May, 2019

Everything might be becoming digital, but printed brochures are still a common and effective way to inform the public of your brand, products and services. Brochures are a form of printed advertising, meant to increase brand awareness, provide information and increase your sales.


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Four Advantages Of Offset Printing That You Need To Know

22 May, 2019

Are you becoming frustrated with the quality you’ve been getting for your prints? You want it to be exceptional quality, with vibrant colours, that won’t break the bank. When it comes to printing, you only want the best – and offset printing is just that


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How to Save Time with Online Printing – 4 Essential Tips

21 May, 2019

Whether it’s books, brochures, flyers or posters, you want your online printing process to go as smoothly as possible. Choosing a quality, reliable printing company is the most obvious way to make this happen. But there’s a few more things you can do to save time with online printing.


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6 Biggest Mistakes to Avoid When Ordering Business Cards Online

20 May, 2019

These days, most people by their business cards online. If you’re dealing with a quality printing service, it should be quick, convenient and well-priced. With that in mind, it isn’t fool-proof. There’s a few key things you’ll need to keep in mind to get the most out of buying your business cards online.


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6 Business Card Printing Tips to Stand Out from The Crowd

19 May, 2019

You want your business cards to stand out from the crowd, right? Of course you do, or you wouldn’t be reading this! At Quick Prints we don’t just sell high quality business cards. We also give advice on how to get the most out of your business card printing.


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The 5 Big Mistakes to Avoid When Designing Banners

17 May, 2019

When you’re designing banners there’s a few things you should know, because you want them to be the best! Whether it be a trade show, a country fair or even in-store banners to highlight certain products, above all you want them to stand out. We’ve put together a list of the 5 most common mistakes people make with banners, so you can make yours the best in town!


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5 Planning Tips to Make Your Digital Printing Profitable

15 May, 2019

When it comes to getting the most out of your digital printing, planning is the absolute key. Finding a digital printing service you trust can eliminate a lot of the problems and should ensure quick delivery of the product, but that’s not where time gets wasted. Here’s how to make your planning more effective, and your printing more profitable!


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How To Get The Best Quality Working With Cheap Printers

14 May, 2019

We’ve all seen the marketing around. Cheap printers offering business cards for free, or brochures printed for next to nothing. So what’s the catch? Well, every cheap printer you find online will be different. For example, if you opt for a set of free business cards, you’ll likely have the printing company’s logo on the back of it, not your own.


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Tips To Use When Choosing Printing Services

10 May, 2019

Printing is an essential part of the process of marketing your business and making known to your clients. Choosing the best printing services whether for personal or commercial use can be complicated.


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How The Wrong Printing Services Can Damage Your Business

07 May, 2019

Business is all about making decisions. Some are financial, some are about day to day operations, and some are about how best to promote your business. Often, those decisions intertwine, which is where things can go wrong.


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How Promotional Products Strengthen Your Brand

30 April, 2019

Promotional products are an incredible marketing tool that keeps promoting your business long after a sale or customer interaction. Many businesses don’t understand their value, and that’s why they don’t get maximum value from them.


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Can You Get Cheap Business Cards That Make You Look Great?

23 April, 2019

Business is all about keeping costs low and profits high, right? It’s always important to keep unnecessary costs to a minimum. Especially when you’re setting up a new business, you want your costs to be as low as possible. There’s plenty of cheap, or even free, business card options out there, so it’s not surprising that many people look to shave some expenses in this area.


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5 Poster Printing Tips That’ll Drive Profits Through Your Door

15 April, 2019

If you’re printing a batch of posters for your business, you want them to make an instant impact. Like any materials you print for advertising, they’re a reflection of your business. As such, you want them to represent you in the best way possible. You want the images to be vibrant, the colours bright and the message clear.


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The Checklist For Effective Business Card Printing

8 April, 2019

The business card is a mainstay of any business, despite a move towards a paperless office. Its primary function is conveying your contact details to prospective clients and business associates for the purpose of establishing your brand.


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6 Tips for Perfect Business Cards

15 April, 2019

We don’t need to tell you that premium business cards are an incredible marketing tool. So why are there so many plain, ineffective business cards out there? We don’t want your business card to be forgotten and discarded quickly, and neither do you. Here’s how to get online business cards that leave a lasting impression!


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